holiday-toddler-craftYou probably have tons of great idea for crafts and projects for your little ones. I am sure you have the great hand print ideas, or the great ideas that you can do with salt dough. I mean I still do all of that with my kids too. My mother in-law is actually getting a set of crafted ornaments this year from the kids.

Even though my littles are getting older (sniff!) we still make at least one gift a year. We will be make the wrapping paper too!

For this you will want:

White Paint
White School Glue

First, mix a little white glue (no need to measure just give it a good squeeze) into some white paint.
Paint your newspaper. Let the kids really get into this. Use brushes, use sponges, use hands, use feet — it is up to you. Just watch for little hands going towards mouths.

Let it dry completely before moving onto the next step.

If you want to skip the glue, you could. It will just give some stiffness to your paper. If you really wanted you can skip this whole step and get a roll of craft paper.

The next part is also up to you.  Let your kids paint the paper.

I have used Christmas colors finger paint.
I have used fingerprints to make lights.

I have used gift bows and cookie cutters to make stamps. We are working on pencil control with my youngest and my oldest is really into interiors when it comes to art right now. We might do this then let them do more details with fine brushes this year.

I have used garland around a popsicle stick to make a paint brush.

I have used triangle sponges in a variety of sizes to make trees.

No matter what you do the results are just plain adorable!

After these dry use them to wrap up any gift you wish. Tie them up with a ribbon and a bow! I will be honest. They are my favorite gifts under the tree. I secretly hope that my kids love this tradition so much they will do it with their kids when they are adults!

Have a blessed Christmas everyone. Thank you for letting me share with you today!

About the Author:

Hi ya’ll! I am Sara Hickman. I am the owner and founder of Sara Hickman Designs. I am so blessed to be able to share with you today! Way back in 2008 I started my own business, Touch of Home Learning. I was hired by daycares to come in and do special events that were science based. I would come in for summer camps and holiday programs. As the economy took a downturn so did enrollments at daycares. There went anything extra to bring in programs like mine. I turned to designing digital products, coloring books and I have even designed custom coloring books. I had two little ones that I was not going to be able to go back to the workforce and afford daycare. I started blogging around the same time (2010). I was sharing all about the play-based learning we were doing at home. The play-based learning was all about not spending any extra money on fancy supplies.