Mama are you overwhelmed? Well this gift guide for mom is for you. Just print and hand it off to your hubby.

It’s the time of year where mamas are getting pretty busy and overwhelmed prepping for the holidays. Do we ever get a break? I bet most of you are thinking, “what’s a break?” Am I right?

We tend to work so much especially during the holidays. Trying to get the meals planned, the groceries taken care of, the house cleaned before guests arrive, and the list goes on and on. Not to mention trying to keep up with the little ones that have a tiny attention span. Well, I have the perfect gift guide that’s just the ticket to keep our mamas relaxed and sane…

Gifts for the Overwhelmed Mama #1: Relaxation

When it comes to stress, don’t we just want some time to relax, take our mind off things and just. have. silence. Ring a bell? Here are some things to keep our overwhelmed mamas relaxed!

  • They say moms carry most of their stress in their shoulders. Try this multifunction massager.
  • Take a bath with these all natural aromatherapy bath bombs infused with herbs and essential oils.
  • Try these aromatherapy pendants to help calm you during a busy stress-filled day!
  • Take some time for yourself, listen to some relaxing music, and color in this relaxing adult coloring book.

woman in bath

Gifts for the Overwhelmed Mama #2: Comfort

  • Keep this comforting essential oil diffuser in the room you’re in the most often.
  • Lounge around the house in this comfy zip up robe. You don’t have to worry about the tie coming undone like a normal robe. Plus this one is super soft!
  • Curl up & watch a movie with this comfy plush blanket.

Gifts for the Overwhelmed Mama #3: Motivation

  • Get lost in translation with this relaxation, happiness, meditation, and stress relief kit.
  • Get together with your friends and family on a personal growth night with this Better Me Game filled with self-improvement, personal development, relationships, and positive thinking prompts!

Gifts for the Overwhelmed Mama #4: Food & Drink

  • Save a ton of time and energy making dinner with an InstaPot! Don’t you just love it when you can throw a dinner together in a heartbeat?
  • The overwhelmed mama can save even more time and energy with the Dinner Daily! They create weekly meal plans and grocery lists based on your dietary needs and match them with the deals at your local grocery stores! They even find coupons to go with your grocery list! All you have to do is print or pull up your lists in their app! This has saved me so much time over the years!

Gifts for the Overwhelmed Mama #5: Beauty

  • Know of a mama who loves to decorate her nails? Check out this massive kit filled with assorted nail polishes!
  • This 101-piece ultra hydrating essence facial mask set will help her skin more elastic, healthier, and clearer…a gift sure to make her face feel rejuvenated.
  • Any mamas out there who like makeup? Check out this awesome Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Loveliest Of Them All affordable makeup set!

woman getting facial

Gifts for the Overwhelmed Mama #6: Productivity

  • This busy, overwhelmed mom will be delightfully organized with this really pretty Organized Living monthly & weekly planner!
  • Allow mom to take Chill Pill with these aromatherapy roll on essential oils.
  • Get mom this Gratitude Journal for Women: Find Happiness and Peace in 5 Minutes a Day because every mom needs a gratitude uplift from time to time!
  • If there is one thing on this list I would love to have, it would be this face steamer. I would keep it on my desk for when I need a little “wake up” boost of freshness. It also doubles as a facial hydration system and helps unclog pores!

Gifts for the Overwhelmed Mama #7: Help with housework

  • This is definitely a tool mom will use because we all could use some quick cleaning cheats! Get the book “A Spotless Home: Change Your Life with Time-Saving Tidying Tips & Cleaning Cheats!”
  • Or you can absolutely win her heart by getting her some cleaning services! Afterall, who wouldn’t want someone to come clean your house?

woman reading

Gifts for the Overwhelmed Mama #8: Reading

Well there you have it! My ultimate holiday gift guide for the overwhelmed mama with littles! We all need a little TLC in our lives and I have to say mamas are the ones who need some good ole’ tender lovin’ care the most!

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Your Minnesota Country Girl, Sharla

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