Not sure what to get your toddler for Christmas this year? Here's a list of 10 gift ideas for toddlers. Everything from experiences to toys and games. #toddlers #toddlergiftideas #toddleractivities #Christmas

The holidays are fast approaching! During this busy time of year, it helps to plan ahead for gifts so you can avoid the last minute stress of looking for ‘just the right thing’.

If you have a toddler in your life, you will want some unique and meaningful holiday gifts that will last long past the new year.

The best gifts for toddlers are gifts that provide experiences. Activity-based gifts will not only keep kids interested and engaged, but will also grow with them and stand the test of time.

The Best Gifts for Experiences

1. Cooking Kit–Learn how to cook with Mommy or Daddy with monthly kits. Spark a love of good food, educate kids on science and nutrition, and encourage healthy family fun. These cooking kids each include 2 kid-sized cooking tools, themed activity materials, a printed shopping list, 3 step-by-step recipes covering all food groups, 3 educational foodie pages, and 3 fun games and puzzles. The kits are themed to match seasons and occasions throughout the year.

2. Blocks–You can’t go wrong with classic wooden blocks. Kids will play with them for years, and they last forever. Be sure to get a good quality set with smooth surfaces and classic shapes.

3. Coloring–Keep toddlers busy at mealtime and get their creative juices flowing with the adorable OMY Animals Coloring Placemats. This set includes 24 sheets with 6 different designs. The eco-friendly placemats feature detailed, animal-themed illustrations including monkeys, alligators, elephants & more.

These are perfect for stowing in your bag when you go out to eat, or to keep little ones occupied at the dinner table at home. They also make great craft mats or posters for your wall.

Once kids create their placemats, they can be laminated to keep for future use. {Tip: after laminating, grab some dry erase markers to decorate them over and over again.}

4. Costumes–Dress up clothes like capes, scarves, masks, and tutus provide open-ended imaginative play opportunities. If your toddler has a particular obsession, like princesses or fire fighters, be sure to find something durable they can put on over and over again as they play. You might even find yourself running errands with a super hero, because most toddlers don’t want to break out of character!

5. Culture–Travel around the world each month while learning about different cultures. Give the gift of adventure with Little Passport’s geography kits.

Explore a new world theme each month, like music, oceans and dinosaurs. The Little Explorers edition is just for kids aged 3-5. The first month’s kit includes a little suitcase, and preschoolers will receive passport stickers and luggage tags each month based on the featured country. They will also get an activity book, souvenirs, trading cards, and photos.

6. Discover nature–Believe it or not, a bird feeder is the ideal toddler gift, especially if you can hang it near a window. Preschoolers can start observing the wildlife that visits, and watching the way the visitors change throughout the seasons. Kids are never too young to start gaining an appreciation for nature. Create a nature study kit with a small notebook, crayons, and a sturdy magnifying glass.
7. Sculpt–Modeling dough is a must-have. Nowadays, you can find good quality dough in gluten-free varieties, and even dough that incorporates glitter or scents. Create a fun kit by including a rolling pin, plastic play mat, and some cookie cutters. Store it all in a plastic shoebox to pull out anytime.

8. Animals–Cuddle up with a buddy! Stuffed animals offer endless possibilities for imaginative play. The Manhattan Toy Piper Pig and Mocha Monkey are sweet and cuddly, and the softest things ever! These are sure to become favorite comfort items and friends for play scenarios.

9. Music–Encourage musical creativity and rhythm with kid-friendly music makers, like maracas, bongos, a xylophone, bells, and percussion blocks.

10. Board Books–Read a book together! Board books make great gifts, because they provide so many opportunities for learning, bonding over stories, and experiencing the world, like the adorable So Many Feet board book for ages 2-5. It features all kinds of animal feet to introduce the diversity of the natural world through playful, rhyming text and colorful illustrations. This free printable Early Reading Skills with Picture Books activity will show you all the ways picture books can promote learning.

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Not sure what to get your toddler for Christmas this year? Here's a list of 10 gift ideas for toddlers. Everything from experiences to toys and games. #toddlers #toddlergiftideas #toddleractivities #Christmas