sicilys-heart-and-homeWow Beautiful Mama! I can’t believe that I started this blog almost a year ago! November 22 marks my one year anniversary with Sicily’s Heart & Home, and I couldn’t be more proud of the community that has been created.

Last November, I was still teaching in public school. I went to work every day to teach my fourth graders, but my heart just wasn’t in it any more. I was struggling with the way I had to teach, that I wasn’t reaching my students with the curriculum and standards that were mandated, but most of all with not being able to spend more time with my daughter. You can read more about my struggles in How Your Dreams Become Reality and Turn Your Failure into a Learning Opportunity. I entered that school year with the eyes of a mommy, not a teacher. And I left the day before Thanksgiving to embark on this new journey.

I always knew I wanted to homeschool my children, but the plan was to wait until Sicily was in Kindergarten to actually stop teaching in public school. Boy am I glad my instincts told me otherwise. I am so much happier teaching my daughter Tot School and helping you mamas do the same thing.

When I sat down in front of my computer on November 22, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t understand half the language I was encountering to set up my blog, and that first version was horrible.

I had no idea where this would lead me. In only a year, I have grown this blog into a business and more importantly into a community of mamas who just want to home educate their littlest learners. Things are still constantly changing, like the new home page I just updated this week. I know there is so much more to learn about running a blog and business, but the most important thing to me is being able to connect with all of you.

Sicily’s Heart & Home would be nothing without the strong community behind it. (PS~Have you joined our Facebook Community yet? Click here to do it now!) I’m eager to wake up every day to check Facebook posts and my email. I love hearing from you and helping you. My ultimate goal is to help all you beautiful mamas succeed in educating your children in a way that you feel is best for them.

As a thank you, I’m running a Blogiversary Giveaway, and I’m giving away ONE of my Toddler Experience Curriculums. You will get full access to the curriculum, plus all the bonuses that come with it. For more information about this child-led, hands on, process based curriculum click here. The curriculum plus all the bonuses are worth over $80! All you have to do is visit my page on Facebook by clicking the button below and then coming back to this post and clicking I Visited. I will be drawing a winner on November 22. Be sure to like Sicily’s Heart & Home page while you are visiting because that is where I will be announcing the winner.

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Keep Growing with Us Mama!