HalloweenOverview: We’ve spent the last 2 weeks focusing on our Halloween toddler theme. We learned all about spiders, pumpkins, and Halloween.

There was a lot of other stuff going on this week. We had trees taken down, and Sicily had a hard time sleeping all week. With so much going on, our Tot School days were more relaxed this week, so we didn’t get as much done as we usually do. The Toddler Experience Curriculum has so much more to offer for Halloween, and I’m kind of sad we didn’t get to all of it.

Halloween toddler theme

We started our Halloween toddler theme off by learning about the letter H. We talked about H is for Halloween and practiced making the H sound. Then we geared up those fine motor skills to peel off Halloween stickers to put on our H.

Sicily still struggles with getting the stickers off. I’m trying to teach her to bend the paper then pull the sticker. She needs my help to do both at the same time, so I was the designated folder while she practiced her pincher grasp to pull the stickers off the sheet.

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Halloween toddler theme

We also made spiders! I think this was Sicily’s favorite activity this week. I took a toilet paper roll and cut 8 “legs”. Then I showed her how to dip it in the paint and stamp it across the paper.

It ended up with a huge glob of black paint in the middle of her paper because she kept stamping the the same spot. Nonetheless, she was super proud of her spider painting.

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Halloween toddler theme

This learning activity didn’t go as planned. I found these cute Halloween erasers at Target, so I laid them out with a muffin tin in hopes that Sicily would sort them. She started too, but decided that filling and dumping the cup was more fun.

Then the next day, I was super excited to see her using the erasers for something totally different! It was the perfect example of loose parts play. She placed the erasers in a cup from her kitchen area to pretend it was juice. She spent the rest of the week using the erasers as juice for her meal creations.

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Halloween toddler theme

We also helped some spiders find their homes during our Halloween toddler theme. She had to match the spiders to the correct color webs. I have a hard time getting Sicily to do tot trays some times, and this was one of those times. She helped two of the spiders find their homes, but then wanted to move on to something else. She loved looking at the spiders and telling me what color they were though. Halloween toddler theme

We went to the pumpkin patch last week during our Fall Toddler Theme, so this week we painted our pumpkin. I took Sicily downstairs where we keep the paint and she chose to use yellow and blue. She was so proud of her pumpkin. And of course, we had to use both hands to paint!

Halloween toddler theme

We also tried to play in the pumpkin guts while Mommy carved a Jack-O-Lantern. She wanted nothing to do with the guts, but had every intention on eating the little pumpkins. Some days, she loves making messes, but other days she refuses to touch anything messy.

Halloween toddler themeAt the end of the week, we made Halloween rice. I placed rice in baggies with a splash of rubbing alcohol and food coloring to dye it different colors.

We made purple, black, orange, and green rice. Once it dried, I placed it in her bin with some skeletons, tablespoons, measuring cups, and bowls. Sicily very much enjoys transferring and filling/dumping activities, so this was a huge hit.

These were just some of the learning activities for the Halloween toddler theme in The Toddler Experience. Some other learning activities for toddlers include ghost bowling, ghost art, and pumpkin puzzles. We just didn’t have the time or energy this week from the lack of sleep.

Enjoy your Halloween!