focusFocus is a word that I can relate to immensely because I have a hard time focusing. I don’t have the patience to focus on one task at hand for an extended period of time. Let me give you an idea! I sat down to write a blog post for 10 minutes this morning. In that 10 minutes, I checked Facebook, created new boards on Pinterest, updated BoardBooster, and went back to Pinterest to pin some random recipes that I most likely will never try. I didn’t even open my blog in those 10 minutes.

I get a lot done during the day, but I feel like I could get a lot more done if I could just focus. I lack focus in other parts of my life as well. I lack focus on my goals. I set goals, but a week in I have already lost focus. It comes down to habit. I don’t have enough focus to break those bad habits.

Lack of focus leads to procrastination and then to annoyance because I can’t get it done when I want to get it done.

Just relax! Breathe! Everything will get done in time! I just need to build my ability to focus! Set at a timer and focus for one minute. Next time focus for 2 minutes! I can do this! I AM FOCUSED! Are you?

*Five Minute Friday is where we get a word and have to write on it for 5 minutes. No thinking or editing! You can follow along at Kate’s blog.

Keep Growing with Us!

Much Love,