quietI need peace and quiet! Today’s Five Minute Friday word couldn’t have summed up my feelings any better. Just 10 minutes before I looked at the word I was saying to myself that I needed to go away to a quiet place to just relax and recharge.

Finding a quiet place in a busy mommy life is very hard. Most days I feel as if I am going on a scavenger hunt for that peace and quiet, and I am not very good at scavenger hunts. When I find some quiet time to myself, then my own thoughts get too loud. I need to do this and I need to clean that. Peace and quiet is very hard to find. I just want two minutes. That’s all I’m asking! Yes, I am being selfish! Yes, I do miss being able to have that quiet whenever I wanted. The peace and quiet is a far fetched dream now.

But my friend, I wouldn’t trade this very loud life for anything. For the peace and quiet will have to wait!

*Five Minute Friday is a Link Party that I participate in. We are given a word and have 5 minutes to write whatever comes to our minds involving that word. No planning! No editing! This week’s word was quiet. You can check out the other Five Minute Friday posts here.

Keep Growing with Us!

Much Love,