I had laid my daughter down for a nap about 45 minutes ago when I came across a link to these Five Minute Fridays. I had just finished reading everything and was really excited to join this little group of bloggers when my daughter decided that she was done trying to fall asleep. Annoyed, I walked over to her room and began to rock her. I laid her down 45 minutes ago, she should have been asleep by now. As I sat there staring out the window thinking about what I was going to write about for 5 minutes, I remembered that the word was present.

I need to be present right now, in this moment, while rocking my daughter. These are the small moments I need to cherish. I shouldn’t be annoyed that I have to rock her to sleep. I shouldn’t be in a hurry to put her back in her crib, so I can go write. No! I need to be present in this moment. I’m glad I turned off my brain and decided to focus on that moment with my daughter. She looked up at me, smile, and then stuck her tongue out at me trying to make me laugh. I stuck my tongue out and gave her butterfly kisses. She just learned how to rub noses for a special kiss with mommy. Those are the moments we cherish at our life’s end. Those are the moments that mean the most to us. Today I learned that being present is the most valuable lesson I could ever learn. I don’t want to miss those small moments.

Keep Growing with Us!

Much Love,