Everyone has limits. Being a new mom my limits are tested on a daily basis. I am learning how to handle my limits and push past my limits. When we started eating baby food, my limit on patience was thin. I would pass the baby food duty off to anyone near me.

Sometimes my limit was reached after the first bit. Do you know how hard it is to feed a moving target? I can say that after a year of motherhood, my limit on patience with feeding a moving target has increase. Well not by much, but a little big. I don’t lose my patience as easily now.

Limits! We all have them, but a true successful person pushes her limits. You can’t reach success by staying in your comfort zone. You must reach your limits and exceed your limits to reach success. I put the limits on myself for reaching my dreams because I didn’t think they were possible, but they are starting to come true now. I pushed past my limits to reach those goals.

Everyone has limits! Push past them. Whether they are limits to your patience as a parent or limits in your goals. Push past them. What limits have you pushed past?

*Five Minute Friday is a link party that gives us a word and we have to write on that word for 5 minutes. No editing and no thinking. You can find the other posts here. This week’s word is limit.

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