fathers-day-books-activitiesOverview: Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking of a way to say Thank You.

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I remember dreading Father’s Day as a child. My dad never really had any hobbies,so shopping for him was extra hard. I wish I had ideas like these when I was little. It would have made things a little bit easier.

Sicily is lucky to have two great dads in her life, so we get to make two extra special gifts this year. On the plus side, both of them have hobbies and are easy to shop for.

Here are a few Father’s Day book and activities that you can do to help celebrate Dad.

Me and My Dad by Alison Ritchie

fathers-dayMe and My Dad is a cute story about a bear cub and his Daddy. Join them on their adventure as they find birds’ nests, eat honey, dance in the rain, and much more. At the end of the day, Daddy carries his sleepy little cub home to go to bed.

Activity: Create your own Me and My Dad book. Staple a few pages together and title it Me and My Dad. Have your little one draw a picture of an activity they enjoy with Dad on each page. Dictate what that activity is at the bottom of each page.

My Dad! by Charles Fuge

fathers-dayMy Dad! is about a little cub who brags to his friends how strong and scary his dad is. His friends get scared and run away. All of a sudden a huge shadow with scary claws shows up. Who could it be?

Activity: Using different cut out shapes from construction paper, have your little one create a portrait of their strong dad. fathers-day

The 10 Best Things About My Dad by Christine Loomis

fathers-dayThe 10 Best Things About My Dad is about a little boy who tells the story about how his dad is extra special. All dads do fun stuff, but his dad is extra special because he is all his own.

Materials: Large popsicle sticks, construction paper, markers, ribbon

Directions: Cut a rectangle out of construction paper that is about 2 inches shorter than the popsicle sticks. Glue the popsicle sticks in a row on the construction paper. On the paper label it with “5 Reasons I Love You.” Then write down five things you love about dad. On the bottom write “Happy Father’s Day.” On the back glue two pieces of ribbon and wrap it around to tie it together. fathers-day

Froggy’s Day with Dad by Jonathan London

fathers-dayFroggy’s Day with Dad is a book from my favorite series. I love froggy books from the red face to the “FRROOGGYY.” Froggy starts his Father’s Day celebration by making Dad breakfast in bed. They go off on a day full of adventure, but each activity ends in a not so great way. But at the end of the day everything is better when Dad opens Froggy’s gift.

Activity: What better day than Father’s Day to splurge on calories? We live about a mile away from a convenience store that sells Krispie Kreme Donuts. About once a month we head down to the store and pick up donuts and coffee for a weekend breakfast. Father’s Day would be a great day to surprise dad with donuts and coffee in bed.

A Father’s Day Thank You by Janet Nolan

fathers-dayA Father’s Day Thank You is a cute story about a little cub who can’t figure out what to get his dad for Father’s Day. He asks each of his siblings what they are getting, and they reply with the same gift they get every year, a tie, nails, and golf balls. This cub wants to give Dad something extra special. In the middle of the night, he realizes just what the perfect Thank You gift is.

Materials: Cardboard, Mason Jar, Mason Jar Lid, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brush

Direction: You know how dad always has coins in his pocket. Well let’s make him a piggy bank to keep them all in. Prepare by cutting the cardboard to fit inside the mason jar lid. Then cut a slit big enough for coins to fit in the top of the cardboard. Stuff the cardboard circle into the mason jar lid and screw it on the mason jar. Let your little one paint it.

Happy creating!