Overview: There is a lot of debate of what kids need to know at certain points, and some parents can become quite defensive when it comes to what to teach and when to teach it. But some times our kids are just fast learners, and that’s perfectly okay.

Sicily knows most of her letters, shapes, and colors. But I never really formally taught her these things. She is just a fast learner when it comes to certain things. She learns letters very quickly, but sorting took some time to learn.

When I mention how much she knows to some other parents I get met with the comment of “Why don’t you just let her play?”

Much to their surprise, that’s really all we do all day. The activities I do have planned for Sicily are geared towards motor skills, problem solving, and creativity. The only academic activities I plan each week are a tot tray or two, which she usually doesn’t have an interest in.

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Sicily has learned these things through our everyday interactions and discussions about her world. I think it’s important to talk about fast learners, so we are not quick to judge other parents based on what their kids know. People are always assuming I’m pushing Sicily, but quite the opposite is happening.

Is My Child a Fast Learner?

If you only have to tell your child or show your child a concept one time, then they may be a fast learner. Some times fast learners are good at learning one thing, but not the other. Take Sicily for example. She is a fast learner when it comes to letters. I only have to tell her what a letter and sound is once before she knows it. But anything math related like sorting and matching took a while for her to learn.

In many Facebook groups, I see parents asking for ideas on what to do with their kids because they already know all their letters and can count to 20. Many times the comments are something like “Slow down they’re only a toddler” or “Don’t push them so hard.”

Then just like I have to do, these parents reply with “My kid loves to learn” or “She learns so quickly.”


What Do You Do With Fast Learners?

The answer to this question is quite simple.

You keep moving forward. If your 2 year old can recognize all her letters then move on to learning sounds. If your 3 year old can count to 100 and identify all their numbers, move on to addition. Just keep teaching and learning.

But here’s the super important part. You must take time to reflect to make sure your child is a fast learner and that you are not pushing them. If the learning activities are not enjoyable by both of you or you have to force your child to do activities, then your child is not a fast learner no matter how much they may know. Remember building a strong love of learning is what your child needs to be focusing on first.

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If your child is a true fast learner, and you are following a child led environment then simply move forward. Don’t worry what others will think. You don’t want to keep your child from learning things they enjoy just because some parent thinks you’re pushing them too hard.

Is Being a Fast Learner a Good Thing?

I don’t think being a fast learner is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. Children are all unique, and each possess special qualities. Some times that special quality is being a fast learner whereas other times that special quality is being athletic.

As long as you follow your child’s lead and are building a strong love of learning, you’re doing a good job Mama!.

Happy Learning!