Overview: We had fun during our Fall Toddler Theme. Here is just a few things we did.

I just love this time of year. The cool crisp mornings are perfect for sitting on the porch sipping your coffee. It’s a time for picking apples, baking pies, and preparing for the holidays. And not to mention all the fun things you can do with kids at this time of year.

The past two weeks have been packed full of fall activities for Sicily (20 months). Here’s a picture overview of our fall toddler theme from The Toddler Experience Curriculum.

Fall Toddler Theme Field Trips


We went on two field trips during out fall toddler theme. We spent an entire day at one of our local pumpkin patches. Sicily loves sliding, meeting animals, racing rubber ducks, and of course picking pumpkins. We picked 3 pumpkins to bring home.


This is a corn pit, kind of like a ball pit, that was at the pumpkin patch. It took Sicily a good 20 minutes to get fully inside the corn pit. She wasn’t too sure about this, but once she got in I had a hard time getting her out.


Our other field trip was to an apple orchard where we picked apples. Sicily spent more time eating apples than actually picking them. I gave her the job of putting the apples into the bag as we picked them. I had several apples with bite marks in them. We made homemade applesauce and apple pie with the delicious apples.

Fall Toddler Theme Art


On our first day of the fall toddler theme, we went exploring through out woods to find signs of fall. We collected acorns, acorn hats, sticks, and different color leaves.

The plan was to use a few acorns for a shaker art project, but Sicily didn’t want anything to do with it, so we just painted with a paint brush.


Sicily loved this painting experience. I bundled up a few q-tips and added red, orange, and yellow paint to a container. She dipped the q-tips into the paint and then onto her tree. I had already drawn the tree trunk, and she had to add the leaves by stamping. She would yell “stamp, stamp, stamp” every times she stamped the q-tips to the paper.

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We did other art activities too! We made a leaf sun catcher and apple prints.

Fall Toddler Theme Sensory Activities


I think this was our favorite activity from the curriculum for this theme. We made playdough with cinnamon. It smelled amazing in my house! We are still playing with it because it smells so good. We also used the acorns and acorn hats we collected from our nature walk as loose parts for our playdough. I love this little creation of hers.


This activity gave me a blister, but it was so worth it. We shucked some Indian corn and put it in a tub with measuring cups, spoons, and bowls. Sicily loved scooping the corn and transferring it from the tub to her bowl. Great for those fine motor skills. This activity brought back memories from my childhood when my cousins and I use to have corn shucking races.


Sicily loved taking a hike through our woods in the backyard. It was her first time in the woods. These are our findings: leaves, sticks, acorns, and acorn hats.

Fall Toddler Theme Tot Trays


This is one of the tot trays we did during the two weeks. Sicily had to match the leaves to the correct color mat. Sicily doesn’t have the interests in tot trays right now, but she does attempt them. She prefers learning through art experiences and books.

I keep introducing tot trays to here in hopes that one day she will love them. However, I don’t push them on her. I introduce the activity and let her lead. She gets to decide when to start and stop the activity.

This is just an overview of what we did during this two week fall toddler theme. The Toddler Experience Curriculum provides you with tot trays, toddler theme activities, letter activities, shape activities, and color activities for every theme. Not to mention a book list, YouTube Videos and songs too!

Next week we will be doing the Halloween toddler theme! That’s what I love about this curriculum, I designed it so parents can choose the themes they want to teach and when to teach them, so you can maximize your toddler’s learning by following their interests.

Happy Playing!