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Failure is a word many people these days fear (including me)! As I sat in bed last night reading, yet again, Steve Harvey, I realized that failure needs to happen for growth. When I taught public school, I always started the year off with talking about failure. We talked about how it’s okay to fail, but it’s what you do with that failure that helps you grow. We talked about how redoing our assignments, or second chance learning, was a big deal in our classroom. I had signs posted up about Failure. Students were expected to fix mistakes and learn from them. But what about me? Was I following this “Golden Rule” of my classroom?


Reflecting last night I realized that I haven’t been following this rule. I have failed many times in my life, usually due to my own self-centered image, but I never did anything about it. I realized last night that I have failed at teaching public school. I started reflecting a little more. But I have not failed at teaching! I learned a lot from failing in my career at the public school. I failed because of my own philosophies in education.

As I continued to reflect, I realized that I love teaching, and I am a good teacher. I failed because I cared too much! I could not follow the demands the school system was putting on me. I could not sit back and watch my students take another test. I couldn’t stand in a corner watching another student struggle because I had to give them a text that was impossible for them to read, but still expect them to comprehend it and answer questions. I learned how to stand up for myself and my beliefs. I told the administrators that I just couldn’t teach with a good heart any more. I wasn’t going to force myself to push these kids farther than they were mentally capable.

Steve said to learn from your failures and to use your failures to build a better tomorrow. I am using my failure to stand up for my beliefs and to make my dreams become my reality. What lies ahead for me is still unknown? But what I do know is that I will do something more in education. I will take what I learned about myself and my beliefs and provide an education for my daughter that I know is going to be beneficial. An education that I know will provide her with a strong foundation for living a successful life.

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Your Turn:

What have you failed at? What have you learned from you failures? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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