easter-toddler-themeEaster is one of the first holidays Sicily has gotten excited about before it actually happens. I think she is starting to understand what a holiday is and that something special happens on certain days.

We spent two weeks on our Easter theme. Here are our favorite activities from the theme, but you can find more activities in The Toddler Experience Curriculum such as a Jelly Bean fingerplay, bunny tail tot tray, and shakey eggs.

Our Favorite Easter Toddler Theme Activities

Every theme we do I introduce a letter that matches what we are doing. For our Easter toddler theme, I introduced the letter E. Typically a toddler should just be exposed to the letters without any formal lessons, but Sicily has a high interest in letters. She is constantly pointing them out and asking what each letter is when she doesn’t know.

I set up a letter of the week table. We also trace the sandpaper letter every morning and go over some words that begin with that letter. Here is our E is for Easter table.

One of Sicily’s favorite activities was our Easter playdough. We made purple this week and laid out a bunch of loose parts. I had buttons, glass gems, and beads along with cookie cutters. She had me cut out an egg shape and then she did this…easter-toddler-theme-playdough

Her creativity amazes me. She actually spent 30 minutes placing all the glass gems and buttons around the table. You could see her concentration as she carefully determined where to place each one.

The sensory bin had Easter grass, eggs, and some cute foam Easter decorations. I even found bunny shaped tongs to practice her fine motor skills. She loved this bin and spent a good amount of time playing with it the past two weeks. Easter-Toddler-Theme-Bin

We did several art projects, but her favorite was the Easter egg stamping. We used half of an Easter egg and stamped circles onto the letter E. easter-toddler-theme-egg-stamp

Above everything we did, Sicily’s favorite activity was our field trip day. Grammy went with us to go see the Easter Bunny, which was not her favorite. Then we went to our local Peep Show, where artists, students, and community members create art projects out of Marshmallow Peeps. They even had a life size Belle from Beauty and The Beast and a 10 foot tall dragon made out of nothing by Marshmallow Peeps. This one is a mouth made by a local dentist. What did you do for Easter? This was just a snippet of our Easter Toddler Theme activities. The Toddler Experience offers at least 12 activities, 4 tot trays, 2 literacy connections, 2 STEAM connections, 2 sensory bins, and more for each theme. To download a sample, click the image below.

Happy Playing!