preschool-gift-ideasWelcome to Day 1 of our 12 Days of Christmas series. Every week we will be exploring gift ideas, art projects, STEAM projects, and so much more for your little ones to do this Christmas.

Preschoolers can sometimes be difficult to buy Christmas presents for; they aren’t babies, but they aren’t big kids yet, either (although mine always thought they were!). We’ve got you covered if you’re struggling with finding gifts this year.

We’ve got a list of toys they can play with on their own or with a friend or sibling, as well as a short list of some of the best board games. Because yes, preschoolers are now old enough to play board games with you!

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This Little Tikes Gas ‘n Go Lawn Mower is perfect for the kid that doesn’t want to be left out on yard work day. It comes with a pretend gas can, and a pull-starter.
If you have a child that likes to dig in the dirt or sand, you need a sandbox. I love that this one has a lid you can put on when you are done with it for the day to keep the rain out. Your child can also sit on the edge while playing.

Little Tykes Easy Score Basketball Set is perfect for children who love to throw things or enjoys watching basketball with the big boys. You can also purchase replacement balls, if you think you may need them!

Duplos are for little kids what Legos are for big kids. These are great because they won’t choke your child. You can also buy sets of Duplos, such as Batmanor Disney Princess.

Cash registers are great for children who love to play pretend. This is also a sneaky way for them to learn to count, add, subtract and weigh things. The little yellow part on the top is a working scale to weigh their fruits and veggies. Here’s a hint: put away half the money before giving it to your child. Eventually, they’ll lose all the money they have and you can give them the rest.

My twin girls would flip over this doll house. I love that it comes with the furniture and is all set up. Introduce your children’s dolls to the house and you’re set to go.

What child doesn’t want to be able to see things that are far away? Binoculars will be your child’s companion as they wander through the house or around the neighborhood. I like that this pair of binoculars has a lanyard that detaches, so it isn’t a choking danger.

If your preschooler loves to dress up, get them several new costumes. You can go with just one, or pick up a set in a theme they’ll love.

Play-doh is a classic toy that helps children use their imagination. You can give out just the Play-doh, or purchase tools and toys to go along with it.

Board Games

Jenga is a game where you remove blocks one at a time to see how many can be removed before it falls over. This may be a little more difficult for very young preschoolers, but older children will love it. It takes practice and patience to slowly move the blocks. If you want to play as an entire family, consider getting the Giant Jenga game that typically stands about 6 feet tall; because it’s made from solid wood pieces, you’ll want to play this version with adult supervision.

Everybody loves Hungry Hungry Hippos. This classic game involves trying to get your hippo to eat the most marbles. Preschoolers love this game because it’s loud and easy to play.

Let’s Go Fishing involves a little bit of skill to try to catch the fish when they open their mouths, but it is really fun for preschoolers to play. They get very excited when the fish’s mouth closes on the fishing line.

Robot Turtles is a new game that sneakily teaches coding to children starting at four years old. Yes, your preschooler can learn computer coding!

Hi-Ho, Cherry-O! was a favorite of my children when they were younger. This game involves adding and subtracting cherries from the cherry trees to see who ends up with the most.

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