Valentine’s Day is coming up! The day that every girl dreams about and every boy loathes. The girl wakes up expecting this grand date. The guy takes 5 minutes to figure out a quick date and try to make it seem like he planned it for months. I’ve always dreamed of some extravagant gesture on Valentine’s Day, even though it may never happen.


This is how the day would plan out:

I’d wake up to find a note laying on the pillow next to me that says “Get into your yoga pants and head for the spa.” I’d spend the whole day getting pampered with a massage, facial, mani/pedi, make up, and a new do. The man would have paid and tipped everyone ahead of time. I’d head home after a relaxing day to a fancy dress in my size with a note that says “Get all dolled up! I’m picking you up at 6.” I’ll get all dressed up and look stunning in the dress he picked out. At 6 a limo pulls up. I’ll be all excited to see him and thank him for a wonderful spa day, but the limo is empty. I sit in the limo with butterflies as I sip a glass of wine wondering where I was headed next. We’d pull up to a fancy restaurant and there he would be all dressed up. We’d enjoy a delicious dinner and decadent dessert before heading home to…well let’s just stop the story right here!

The possibility of that happening is really slim, but here are some great date night ideas that I think any girl would love.

1. Go on an adventure

As I sit here thinking of my perfect date ideas, I think about going on a hike and finishing the day with a kayak ride that leads to a picnic. This may not be everyone’s idea for a perfect date, so I titled this date as Go on an Adventure. My adventure would be exploring nature on a hike and kayak ride, but your adventure may be bungee jumping off the local bridge.

2. Test Drive Cars

This one might make the man more excited than the woman, but I think everyone has a dream car. Head to a dealership to pretend you are looking. Take a few cars, especially your dream car, for a test ride. You may never be able to afford that car, but who says you can’t drive it at least once.

3. Breakfast Date

Instead of going on a normal dinner date like everyone else, head to breakfast! Or have breakfast in bed. Who said a date has to be at night? Pack a breakfast and head out to the park to watch the sunrise. Don’t forget the Mimosas!

4. Travel

From the comfort of your home of course! Is there a place you really want to go, but can’t afford it. Do some research on popular meals, drinks, and the atmosphere of that place and recreate it at home. Cook the meal together and pretend you are on a tropical island, the Eiffel Tower, or a fancy restaurant in Italy. This would be a great idea for an everyday at home date night. Every month “travel” to a new place.

5. Volunteer

Helping others lifts the spirits and brings you closer together! Help serve food at a soup kitchen, go play with children in an orphanage, or choose a service project at your church. This is a great family date idea. Take the kids and teach them a lesson on serving others and being grateful for what you have.

6. Be Tourist of Your Own Town

Your hometown may have museums, local attractions, arts centers, comedy clubs, and coffee houses. The chances that you have visited these places are probably slim. Go and enjoy the attractions your hometown provides. Get to know what your town is all about. Visit the visitors center for ideas.

7. Have a Contest

Make something and test it out to see whose works better. Make an aluminum boat or a kite and see who can get it to work the best. The worst one pays for dinner!

8. Do Something Active

Go on a bike ride, hike, or just hit the gym together. Head to the local park for a game of basketball, Frisbee, or kickball.

9. Explore Each Other’s Interest

Do one thing the woman likes and one thing the man likes. Set a rule before you leave that you have to participate in the other’s interest no matter how uncomfortable or embarrassing it might be.

Well there it is! Nine dates night ideas to get you out of the rut of just dinner and a movie. Have fun and enjoy each others company.

Keep Growing with Us!

Much Love,