I’ve always been curious as to how prices can be different from one store to the next. The higher priced stores are making more profit from those lower priced stores. I started getting a little curious about the 3 most popular places to shop in my town. I wondered if I was shopping at the cheapest or if I should switch. So I planned a little comparison shopping trip.

comparison shop

Well today, I dropped Sicily off at Grammy’s, pulled on my comfy purple polka-dot running pants, and went on a little shopping spree. If you live in my town, you may have noticed the crazy lady pushing a cart just writing down prices! That was me!!!!! I learned a lot on my little adventure. You can see the price comparisons on this chart.

Price comparison PDF

I typically buy the cheapest healthy choices I can find. I read the labels to find which has the least ingredients or the most natural. I then look at price. Most of the items on my list are things I buy on a regular basis. The brands may vary from each store because I usually buy the store’s brand. If there was any irregular container sizes, I mentioned that on the chart.

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Safeway seemed the most expensive. I was already disgusted with the prices before I reached the end of the first aisle. The only thing cheaper was some meats and water. I mean really…WATER!!!! I was appalled at how some of the prices were $2 higher!!!!! Did you take notice of the shrimp? The only easy peel, deveined, raw shrimp was $25!!!

I usually shop at Martins. I was not really thrown off by these prices because it was what I was use to. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I could be spending less if I did the majority of my shopping at our new Super Wal-Mart.

My future plan is to shop produce and frozen vegetables at Martins. They had a better selection of frozen vegetables than Wal-Mart as well. I will purchase everything else from Wal-Mart. However, Martins does double coupons up to $1.00. If I plan carefully, I can buy a few other things at Martins if I have coupons to double.

I encourage you all to do a little experimenting. You may be spending a WHOLE lot more than you need to be. Happy Shopping! Happy Savings!

Much Love,