When I first introduced colors to Sicily, she had no interest. But I still wanted to expose her to some activities through our encouraging environment. So I would leave out color Tot Trays for her to discover on her own.

Usually she never even noticed the Tot Trays until I laid out a coloring matching tray. I cut out blobs from the primary colors I wanted Sicily to be exposed to at an early age. I laid one set on the tray and the other set in a basket.

On the first day, I showed her how to do the activity. She helped a little bit, but refused to do it herself when I finished. So I put it on the shelf thinking it wasn’t going to be touched again.


A few days later, Sicily grabbed the tray. She picked up one of the colors, ran around the chairs then placed it on top of it’s match.

She kept doing this with the same color each time, so I thought I would take advantage of her interest in that moment. I sat down next to the tray waiting for her to run back around.

This time I held up a different color. I said “Hmm, what color is this?”

She responded, much to my surprise, correctly. She grabbed it, ran around the chairs, and placed it on top of the match. We continued playing this way for a while.

For the next few days, she continued to play this game for 30-45 minutes each day. Eventually, she placing the colors in the basket meant putting them “night night.” This child-led, child-created game from a Tot Tray was the most successful at creating an interest in colors for Sicily.

Not only is she learning colors with this game, but she is honing her running/stopping skills and matching skills.

Happy Playing!