Christmas-toddler-themeOverview: Christmas is one of my favorite themes to teach. I LOVE all the fun activities you can do. Here’s what we did during our two week Christmas toddler theme.

Christmas has always been one of my favorite themes to teach to small children. Unfortunately, we have been super busy preparing for baby brother that I didn’t get to everything I wanted to during our Christmas Toddler Theme.

Small World Play

I started the Christmas toddler theme by creating Sicily’s first real small world, The North Pole. This was one of her favorite activities, and she played with it on a daily basis.

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Elf Scavenger Hunt

Yes, we do Elf on the Shelf! One morning, I hid 5 pictures of elves around our school area along with Snickerdoodle (her elf). I told her that Snickerdoodle wanted to bring some friends home, and they wanted to play hide and seek. It took her all day, but she finally found all 5 of them. She kept getting distracted with other activities, so she didn’t find them all at once.

Christmas Tree Sorting

I cut out two trees from felt along with shapes for each tree. I wanted her to practice circles and squares, so those were the only two shapes I cut out. I placed a bigger circle and square on the top of the trees, and she had to sort each shape onto the correct tree. christmas-toddler-theme

I did another similar sorting game, but with colors. I cut out three trees from construction paper and taped them to the wall. I placed Velcro on each tree. In a bowl, I placed green, blue, and orange pompoms. On the top of each tree, I glued a big pompom for each color. She had to sort the smaller pompoms by color. This was also good for hand-eye coordination since she had to match the pompom to the Velcro.

Christmas Toddler Theme Art

We only got around to one art project these past two weeks, but The Toddler Experience Curriculum has a lot more ideas. For our art project, we practiced gluing scrap pieces of wrapping paper onto a stocking shape. We each did one and hung them by our electric fireplace. christmas-toddler-theme

Sicily loved using the glue, so I left the glue and wrapping paper sit out with some paper for her to make more art projects. She went back to this several times throughout the week.

Christmas Toddler Theme Sensory

We did two sensory bins this week. One was a huge success, and the other was a flop.

The first one was candy cane shaving cream. I mixed together shaving cream, mint extract, and red tempera paint. I LOVED playing in this, but Sicily had a different opinion. She mixed it with the spoon a bit, but was done within minutes claiming it was too messy.

I spent some time writing shapes and letters in the shaving cream for her to identify, which she did enjoy. christmas-toddler-theme

The second bin we made was a Jingle Bell Rock bin. I added jingle bells and rocks to a sensory bin in honor of the song Jingle Bell Rock. I also added tongs, a muffin tin, a scoop, and a magnet. This was Sicily’s first experience with a magnet and tongs. She enjoyed using both tools, and did a lot of exploring with these materials. christmas-toddler-theme

Counting Bells

One of the last activities we did during our Christmas toddler theme was counting jingle bells. I laid out the counting mats from The Toddler Experience Curriculum with some jingle bells. Sicily can’t identify numbers yet, but she can count. I would say each number and she would place a jingle bell into each circle as she counted out each number. christmas-toddler-theme

We had a lot of fun during our Christmas toddler theme, and are prepared for Christmas in a few days. Usually I do a lot more during this theme. But with baby #2 due in a few weeks and a procrastinating mama, we had other priorities this week.

The Toddler Experience Curriculum offers a theme for every holiday, including Christmas. There are many more activities in the curriculum for the Christmas toddler theme.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!