Christmas is a magical time of the year, my personal favorite holiday. There are so many fun things available that you could easily be running the whole month. This season is filled with crafts, baking, and fun activities. All of which are well loved.

In our home we take most of December off in regards to regular school work. Another perk of homeschooling. I enjoy being able to do all of the fun things, but I don’t want Science and Math to completely fall off the face of the Earth for a whole month. Instead of foregoing it, we decided to incorporate it into our fun Christmas activities.

We spent our Science time practicing our observation skills with Christmas objects. Follow along and you can too!


First, gather up supplies from your home.

Some ideas could include:


Cork – Sparkling apple juice, a special holiday drink in our home.

Christmas Light Bulbs



Christmas Balls or Ornaments

Ribbons or Bows

Candy Cane


Elf Stuffy

Winter Gear – Toque, mittens

Wood from Santa’s Sleigh

Pine Needles


Second, decide how you want to observe your items.

Gather the equipment that you need. Some ideas could be:

Bowl of water – Does the item sink or float? Does it dissolve?

Magnet – Is it magnetic? Which part is magnetic?

Microscope – Get close! Do you see anything that you didn’t notice before?

Hands – How does it feel? What temperature is it? What is its texture?

Mouth – What does it taste like? Do you like it?

Nose – Does it have a smell?



Third, observe!

Let your little’s handle the various pieces and describe what they find. You might need to prompt them during their discovery. Is it smooth or bumpy? Which is louder, the bell or the snowflake?


Easily Adapt For All Ages

Not sure this would work for your family or classroom? Let me show you how you can easily adapt this activity for many different needs and abilities.

Babies – Touch, Feel or Taste objects that are appropriate for their age.

Tots – Verbally describe objects and what they think. Introduce them to recording their findings by drawing or coloring. Don’t worry if their snowflake looks nothing like a snowflake. The important thing is to introduce them to the concept and practice their fine motor skills.

Preschoolers – Ask questions, start with simple and closed ended, but move toward more open ended questions when possible. Record their findings by drawing, gluing pictures. Create a table or tally based on findings. Separate objects into categories such as sinker vs. floater or smooth vs. rough.

Kindergarten – Ask open ended questions. Have them record their observations by drawing or help them write words. Discuss the uses of your supplies and how they relate to Christmas. Dive deeper into the science behind your experiments. What is magnetism? What makes an object buoyant? How long does it take for a candy cane to dissolve? How can we speed up the dissolving process?


There are many ways that your kids can learn and grow during this festive season. Sometimes all you need is the right resources to get you started. Here are my top two resources for getting started with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Education.

One of my favorite resources for Holiday fun is STEAM Kids Christmas. I kid you not, it is packed full of great activities for kids of all ages and abilities. If you haven’t added this to your shelf yet you can get it here. There is also a STEAM Kids book for year round learning. I have all of the editions and I love having so many great ideas right at my finger tips.


Have you tried a subscription box yet? My kids love getting mail, and I bet yours would too! For Christmas I am getting them each a Kiwi crate. They are going to love tinkering with it, and I love the price and that I don’t have to plan anything. It comes ready to go.

About the Author:

head-shot-lindseyHey, Hey! I am Lindsey from Side By Side Learning. I love being a Mum! A Mum who plays, laughs and explores as much as I can. Partly to avoid doing the dishes, if I am being honest. I have three wonderful kids that keep me on my toes, 2 boys and a girl. You can follow along with my journey as a mum and home educator on Facebook, Instagram, or follow my themed education boards on Pinterest for plenty of great ideas to bring learning into your home.