Too cold to go outside? Try this Christmas gross motor activity for your preschooler. Also a fun sensory Christmas activity for toddlers. #Christmas #Christmasactvities #preschool #toddlers

I love sensory activities that include gross motor, but during the cold, winter months I love them even more. Little ones need an opportunity to work their muscles and get out some of their energy. This Christmas Sensory Match Activity does just that! Plus, it’s easy to put together.
Gross Motor Activity for Preschoolers

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make your own Christmas Sensory Match Activity:

  • Bucket or Box (I like to use the clear plastic shoeboxes.)
  • Filling for Your Sensory Bucket – Here are some ideas:
    • Wrapping Paper Scraps & Bows
    • Cotton Balls
    • Rice – Plain or colored and scented.
  • Christmas Sensory Match Printable

Christmas Sensory Gross Motor Activity

Assemble Your Christmas Sensory Match Bucket:

  • Fill your bucket with the filling of your choice.
  • Then print the printable twice.
  • Cut the Christmas picture squares out of one of the sheets and leave the other sheet whole. If you think your child will enjoy the activity more than once, you may also want to laminate the squares and matching sheet.
  • Hide the Christmas picture squares inside of your Christmas Sensory Match Bucket and let the fun begin.

To Play:

  • Show your child the sheet with all the Christmas pictures on it.
  • Explain that they will be looking for the same pictures inside of the bucket.
  • Set the sheet with the matching pictures on the other end of the room away from the sensory bucket.
  • Tell your child when they find a picture they need to run it to the other side of the room and match it to the same picture on the paper. Then they’ll run back and do the same thing again and again until they have found and matched all 9 pictures.

Christmas Sensory Gross Motor
Gross Motor Activity for your preschooler this Christmas
Gross Motor Christmas Sensory Activity for Preschoolers
This Christmas Sensory Match Activity works on fine motor skills as your child finds and picks up the pictures. Children also explore different textures depending on what is used as the filling of the bucket. Gross motor skills are also incorporated while they run back and forth to match the pictures.

A Few More Ideas:

  • Instead of running back and forth you could have your child skip, walk backwards, tiptoe, crawl, spin, etc.
  • This activity can easily be converted to a quieter activity by removing the gross motor element. Just set the Christmas Sensory Match Bucket and the matching paper on the table or floor next to each other.

Click here to get your FREE Christmas Sensory Match Activity.

What kind of sensory activities do you enjoy doing with your children?

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