Early Development

Get all the early development information you need for toddlers and preschoolers. I’m sharing all the stages of growth and development for your littles learners. Get the scoop on developmental milestones for toddlers and preschoolers.

9 Reasons Why Worksheets Are Not Appropriate for Young Children

Overview: Worksheets, workbooks, and printables. Is there a place for them in the early childhood setting? Today I’m explaining why I think worksheets are not appropriate for young children. Welcome to the #ChildLedEnvironments Series where we are exploring how to set up and cultivate an environment conducive to child-led learning. How to Cultivate a Love […]

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The Most Important Things to Learn in the Early Years

It amazes me how many different opinions there are about what a child should learn during the early years. Many think the academics are the most important thing such as letters, numbers, and writing. Others find that character development and respect are the most important things to learn in the early years. I was curious […]

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Everyday Learning: It’s All Around You

Overview: To a child, everything they do is a learning experience. You don’t have to search far or spend hours planning to experience learning opportunities with your little ones. Today I’m talking about 10 of our favorite everyday learning opportunities. Learning is all around us, even as adults, but more so for children. A child […]

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Toddler Speech Delay: How to Teach Them at Home

Overview: I get asked all the time, “How do I teach my toddler who has a speech delay?” Today I’m answering this questions, and I bet the answer to the toddler speech delay isn’t what you think. A few weeks ago, I went to pick Sicily up at her dad’s house. As soon as I […]

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