book-adventToday is Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas Series, and you’re stuck with me today. I’m going to share with you how I do Sicily’s Advent Calendar.

Last year was Sicily’s first Christmas, and I wanted to give her something throughout December for her advent calendar instead of candy since a baby can’t eat candy. I ended up purchasing different packs of board books and wrapping each one individually. Sicily loves books, so she was enjoying a new book every day.

Every night (more like when I remembered) we would open a new book. Since it was the first time Sicily was opening presents, I put each one in a bag without tissue paper. We would read the book before bed, and do it all again the next day. On Christmas Eve, she opened a larger gift that had a new pair of Christmas pajamas and The Night Before Christmas book.

This year, Sicily is able to understand opening presents and with our Tot School I decided to give her alphabet books. I purchased the My First Steps to Reading set from Amazon. This set was perfect for the advent calendar because there are 25 books, so she gets to open the last one on Christmas morning. She’s also getting the My First Steps to Math set for Christmas too!


I spent all morning wrapping each book individually and wrote the calendar day on the front. My plan is to open each book during our Tot School time since it’s an alphabet book. Sicily hasn’t officially started with letter themes yet, so I figured reading each letter of the alphabet would be a good introduction before we jump into letter themes in January.

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(Don’t make fun of my wrapping paper! I had a lot of small random rolls I wanted to get rid of.)


Books are a great way to celebrate the advent calendar without having to succumb to candy. What is your little one getting for Christmas this year?