I have been hitting the social media platform pretty hard this week. I’ve been pinning, tweeting, and sharing other’s posts and articles, especially about parenting because that’s a focus of this blog. I read a lot of great articles about how to parent. Some ideas are great where others get me thinking. I’ve read about gentle parenting, parenting without discipline, parenting without saying no or giving restrictions, play with your child, don’t play with your child. This list goes on and on and on. As I read these articles, I see myself agreeing because they bring up some valid points, but after reflecting a bit I realize that they don’t always fit in with my style.


As I finished an article last night, I really started contemplating all the different views on parenting. There are so many of them and each person thinks their way is the best way.

So what is the best way to parent?

The best way to parent is by your beliefs. You parent how you want to parent and don’t let anyone tell you that your ideas are wrong.

Do you want to parent like your parents did? Go ahead!

Do you want to parent in the complete opposite way your parents did? Then what’s stopping you?

You know what’s best for your child and family. One parenting style does not fit all. You may even have different parenting styles for each child in your family. It all depends on what your child responds to.

For me, I don’t think I believe in any one way to parenting.

How do I handle misbehavior?

I would love to say that I do this 100% of the time, but I don’t. Sometimes, like last night, my frustrations get the best of me. It really annoys me when my daughter is constantly under my feet. Some days she is under my feet, pulling at my pants ALL DAY! When this happens, I tend to get frustrated and don’t stick to my beliefs in parenting. But you know what? It’s okay! If you mess up, just apologize. Yes! Apologize to that one year old. Let them know that it’s okay to make mistakes.

I handle misbehavior by being consistent. I set limits and stick to them. We have been working really hard on not throwing our food. Sicily has a habit of throwing all her food on the floor when she is done.  I set the limit and give her one chance. If she throws her food, I tell her that we keep the food on the table. I try to tell her the limits in a positive way instead of saying don’t or no all the time. I like to tell her what she can do instead of can’t do. This is really hard to do in the moment. Then tell her what will happen if she throws again. Something like, if you throw again you are all done. If she throws her food one more time, then she is all done. I tell her you threw your food so you are all done and take her away from the table.

This is where the temper tantrum comes in! The temper tantrum annoys me, but I try to remember that a temper tantrum is a good thing. It means I am setting clear limits and she is learning. Through a tantrum, I show her love. I want her to know that I still love her even when she is not listening. When she calms down, I tell her what she can do and  we try again.

This is how I handle situations, but it may not work for you or your child. I believe every parent is different, so every parenting style is different. As long as you are not harming the child in any way, then parent on in your own way.

Your Turn:

What is your parenting style?

Keep Growing With Us!

Much Love,