baby-play-mirrorsIs there anything cuter than a squishy little face staring back at you from a mirror?

I don’t think so!

Playing with mirrors is one of my favorite baby play activities to do with Kade. We’ve been playing with mirrors ever since he was a newborn.

As soon as we came home, mirror play was an activity we did almost every day. I would prop him up on his side with a towel or pillow and let him look at himself. Every 15 minutes or so, I would flip him around so he had even head development.


As he started to lift his head, I would lay him in front of the mirror with his head facing it to encourage him to lift his head further.

Now that he is 7 months old, we still play with the mirror frequently. He is starting to pull himself up, so he goes over to the mirror, pulls up, and laughs at himself.

We like to make faces and sing silly songs while staring in the mirror. One of Kade’s favorite activities is watching his sister play behind him.

The other day we spent over a half hour playing with instruments together. Kade had a shaky egg, but was more interested in watching his sister play the drum behind him.


What Does Mirror Play Teach?

Babies love faces, so what better way to keep them entertained than plopping them in front of a mirror to look at their own precious face.

Mirrors help babies learn about object permanence and how to focus on an object. When baby begins lifting his head, a mirror is a great motivator to lift that head a bit further.


When playing peek-a-boo, singing songs, or pointing out body parts your baby is learning basic social skills while interacting with you. Making silly faces and having your baby imitate those faces is a basic speech skill that prepares them to imitate speech sounds.

So next time you need a quick activity for the little one, pull out a mirror and see how he responds.

Happy Playing!