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Having a new baby in the house has stirred up the Mother Hen in Sicily. For the past few weeks, she has been pretending her Goofy is her baby.

She gives him a bath, feeds him, puts him to bed, and even gives him shots. So I figured I would set up a nursery for her Goofy.

I brought out her doll bed which has a highchair and sink on it, so Goofy could sleep and eat. I placed her stroller, baby potty, baby activity gym, and baby bouncy seat out as well.


That same day, I had a clean container sitting out that I was planning on taking outside for toys. Well before I had a chance to get it outside, the container became Goofy’s bathtub.

So naturally, I added that to our nursery set up as well. I added a few baby bath toys too!

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Sicily used this nursery for a few weeks before she got bored with it. Every day she would play mommy with Goofy. If I had to feed brother or put him down for a nap, Sicily would do the same with Goofy.


One night when I took Kade upstairs for his bath, Buddy (Sicily’s step dad) said Sicily gave Goofy a bath and put him to bed too!

She is such a Mother Hen, and a good big sister too!

Through this pretend play set up, Sicily is mainly learning how to care for others. She is stretching her imagination and learning about how the world works. She is also working on fine motor skills with opening baby bottles and putting on diapers.

Happy Playing!