baby-finger-paintingIs there anything cuter than a little baby covered in paint?

Okay, maybe some of you won’t agree with me on that one. But I love messy play!

Don’t worry, Mama! I have a messy version and mess-free version of baby finger painting!

Messy Baby Finger Painting

The messy version was very simple to get set up. I laid out a few bowls. Then mixed together a little bit of rice cereal and water to get a paint consistency. Then I added in food coloring.


For easy clean up, I took the activity outside where I laid out some easel paper and poured on the paint.

I got Kade down to his diaper, sat him on the paper, and let him have some fun. The only thing you need to watch for is paper eating. Kade was more interested in eating the paper than playing in the paint. But the paint is 100% baby safe!


Mess-Free Baby Finger Painting

This version was simple to set up as well. In a large zipper bag I added a piece of paper and some tempera paint. Make sure you use a non-toxic paint just in case the bag breaks.

Zip it up and hand it to baby. Again, you need to watch for them sticking the bag in their mouth, especially if they have teeth. The first time we did this activity, Kade just squished the paint around. The second time, he just wanted to eat it.

Both versions give your kiddo a variety of skills to work on. At this stage, painting doesn’t have a creativity aspect to it. Baby finger painting is all about the exploration and sensory. Each version gives a different sensory experience, so I recommended trying both. The messy version also adds in the taste element with the rice cereal.

Happy Playing!