baby-balloon-playI have the hardest time coming up with activities for babies. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the baby stage because of the lack of activities they can do.

Babies are smart, but their little bodies just don’t allow them to do the things their brains are capable of. Finding activities that work that little body are great for babies.

At 5 months, I gave Kade a balloon to play with.


I originally tied the balloon to his leg for him to kick, but the balloon had different plans. He kicked it for a while, but without helium the balloon would not stay afloat.

Eventually he got a hold of the balloon, but couldn’t keep grasp of it. He thought this was hilarious as he would put a little pressure on the balloon and it would fly across the room.

After a while, Sicily joined in. She threw the balloon at his tummy and as it bounced off, Kade giggled like crazy. They played with the balloon for about 25 minutes before Kade got sleepy.


This activity is good for developing hand-eye coordination when he was trying to grab the balloon. It helps them explore cause and effect as the balloon flies away or he kicks it up in the air. Gross motor is another skill that is challenged during balloon playing.

A word of caution, balloon play should be closely supervised. Meaning you need to be sitting right next to your baby.The balloon can pop and become a choking hazard. Be prepared to step in if that happens. You also need to watch your baby for pushing the balloon in their face. If Kade does this, I gentle reposition it.

Happy Playing!