Overview: Come take a look at how we incorporated an All About Me toddler theme into our tot school.

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Sicily has been starting to show interest in her body more, and becoming more aware of the potty. Even though potty training has been a hassle for us! She is also having a hard time with understanding why we can eat a lot of certain foods and limit other foods.

I thought an All About Me theme would be perfect to help extend her knowledge on her body.

For the first week of our theme, we focused on the body and getting to know ourselves. The second week was all about keeping our body healthy, specifically eating healthy.

She enjoyed this theme and still has a few things out on our selves a month later that relate to the body. Her interest has worn off enough to stop exploring the theme daily though.

Week One- All About Me Toddler Theme: Your Body

We spent the first day learning about our name. During our morning meeting, we sang B-I-N-G-O, but instead sang it with Sicily’s name. Of course, she didn’t want to leave brother out, so we had to sing it with Kade’s name too!

Once we headed downstairs to our learning area, she immediately caught sight of the name invitation I had set out. She LOVES stickers, so I knew this activity would be a huge hit. All About Me Toddler Theme

The problem>>> She only put the first set of stickers on the paper. The rest ended up on her! That’s okay though. She was still saying the letters as she pulled the stickers off the paper and put them on herself.

I introduced the body with this puzzle, which comes in a boy version and girl version. We talked about the different layers in our body then I left her alone to work on the puzzle.

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She will only take the clothes, skin, and muscles off. She refuses to take the whole puzzle apart to put together. I was surprised that she was able to do this multi-layer puzzle.

I have laid out many puzzles before with her showing no interest. This puzzle is still out on our shelf a month later, and she does it at least once every day. All-About-Me-Toddler-ThemeWe also explored X-Rays on the overhead. Sicily loved this and was able to tell me what each body part was just by looking at the x-ray. all-about-me-toddler-theme

Kade did a little exploring too. I placed a mirror under him during tummy time. He loved looking at himself and thought he was hysterical. He giggled so much. When he would scoot off the mirror he would fuss until I moved him back.


After spending the majority of the week exploring our body, we traced our body on easel paper. We talked about each body part, and she added a few that were missing like eyes and a mouth. Then I left her alone to create her body with the markers. all-about-me-toddler-theme-body-drawing

On the last day of our first week, we talked about family. We talked about what a family is and why they are special. The last activity we did during our all about me toddler theme was a family memory game.

Sicily loved this game. I think we played it at least 10 times before she went off to play something else. all-about-me-toddler-theme-family-memory

Week Two- All About Me Toddler Theme: Eating Healthy

Our second week was all about eating healthy. We had been slacking on the healthy eating since Kade arrived. When we started to get back to our normal eating habits, Sicily was having a hard time understanding why she couldn’t have a cookie every day or eat a lot of chips.

We started the week with a healthy food/junk food sort to help her understand what foods are good for our bodies and which are not. We talked about how healthy foods give us energy so we can play, and junk food makes us sleepy. All-About-Me-Toddler-Theme-healthy-eating

We also started talking about the healthy foods we ate while flossing our teeth. For every tooth I floss, I say a healthy food she ate. Then I will do the same for the junk food, so she is aware of the healthy and unhealthy things she eats every day.

The next day we did healthy food puzzles. I laid out one half of the puzzle pieces then showed her the other half one at a time. She had to find the one half laying on the floor, match it to the piece I was holding, and put it together.

Again, I wasn’t exactly sure how she would take to this activity since she is not a big fan of puzzles, but she liked it.  all-about-me-theme

We ended the week with a grocery store and restaurant set up for dramatic play. Sicily went shopping in the grocery store then made me a healthy dinner in her restaurant. all-about-me-toddler-theme

This is just a snippet of the activities we used from The Toddler Experience Curriculum for our All About Me Theme. We combined the A is for All About Me and Y is for Yummy themes over the two weeks.

Click the button below to download a free sample theme from The Toddle Experience Curriculum.


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