and I live just outside of Baltimore, Maryland with my 2 kids and husband! I’m an educator, mommy, and wife! I’m passionate about giving you resources and easy to prepare activity ideas to help you teach your littles to be confident and love learning in a peaceful, un-pressured environment.

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to work with children. I was the annoying sister that made her brother sit at a desk while I taught him “algebra” with my cute little chalkboard.

FYI- At that time, algebra to me was to add the corresponding number to each letter together! A+B=? meant 1+2=?

My brother was only a baby, so he made the perfect student! Fast forward a few years and I graduated from college with an AA in Early Childhood Education and BS in Elementary Education. I was SUPER excited to step my foot into my own classroom that first year.

When year 3 started, everything took a turn. I was now viewing our public education system as the new mommy I was. You can read about my struggles in How Your Dreams Can Become Reality and How to Turn Failure Into a Learning Opportunity.

Not even half way through my third year of teaching I quit my “dream job” to follow my true passions. Today, I’m working towards a child-led, inquiry based homeschool lifestyle for my family. Click here to read about my reasons for homeschooling.

With my background in education, I am here to provide you with resources for your homeschool from the very beginning.

Sicily and I are starting with Tot School and working our way towards graduation with you. Sicily’s Heart & Home is designed for you to walk with us from that cute baby newborn stage to graduation day.

Education is a huge deal to me! And I want every child to get the best education possible. I want every child to grow into an independent individual who follows their dreams with confidence. And loves spending their day following their natural curiosity.

Through the Cherrios up your nose, swinging from the banister, paint on the wall days, I’m here to support you. Click the image below to join the community of like-minded Mamas for support, activity ideas, and a place to just relax.