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Welcome to the Starting Homeschool Preschool Series. This is post #3.

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We have switched to a child-led homeschool preschool for a few months now. Last year we did a child-led Tot School where our days were really relaxed.

I wanted to keep that same peaceful, relaxed feel to our days as we switched to homeschool preschool. We added a bit more structure and follow more of a project approach, but everything is still completely child-led.

We start our day by eating breakfast together at the table. Usually we watch some YouTube videos on our current unit study.


After breakfast we do our chores. Every day we clean out the dishwasher and fill it back up. Then we clean one level of our house, which Sicily helps me do. I buy Honest Company cleaners because they are safe for her to use. I’ll spray a towel and she wipes down hard surfaces. On Tuesday, we do Laundry. Sicily likes to help fold towels and match socks.


After chores, we get dressed and lay brother Kade down for his morning nap.Once Kade is asleep we head downstairs to do our morning meeting. During this time we do the calendar, weather, and a structured lesson for the day. This lesson could be related to our unit study or an academic concept.

I follow Sicily’s lead when it comes to academics. I choose skills that she is motivated to learn and has shown an interest in through out our encouraging environment.

After morning meeting, we do learning games. She has a shelf with 8 activities that are child-led and play-based. We introduce academic concepts using a Montessori-inspired approach with activities from The Preschool Experience.

Once I have taught the initial lesson, I add the learning games to the shelf. Every day she has to choose at least 2 games, but she usually ends up wanting to do them all at least once sometimes twice.


I follow learning games with free play time. This is also her project time. I set up invitations around the room for her to do on her own time. Sometimes I will join in the invitation with her and other times I let her explore on her own. She goes back and forth between invitations and free play for the rest of the morning, which is about 2 hours.

Kade usually wakes up in the middle of free play time. Once he wakes, we take a break for snack then I usually do an activity with Kade.


About a half hour before lunch, we head outside to play in the backyard.


We end our morning with lunch, yoga, and a story before taking a much needed nap. By the time the kids wake up, my husband is home so the rest of the evening is family time.

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Happy Learning!