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Christmas is just around the corner! Yay! This year we have a toddler to buy for, and my goal is to find some really awesome toys that she will actually play with. I don’t like buying toys that will only get pushed to the wayside in a week, or toys that break the very next day. With 4 children, I have learned that there are certain toys that get played with for longer than others. So, what do I look for when buying for toddlers?

  • Durability: Something that can endure being thrown around by little ones!
  • No batteries (if possible!): I am that mom who always forgets to buy/replace batteries! I will make exceptions if the toy is durable, and something that they will play with for a long time.
  • Will they outgrow it quickly?
  • Does it fit their needs?
  • Does it fit their personality? You can’t buy a teapot for a girl who loves tractors!

I’ve put together a list of some awesome toddler friendly gift ideas for the holidays! I hope you find them helpful!

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Toddler Gift Guide



I am not usually a fan of toys that have a ton of pieces that end up all over the house. However, with blocks, I will make an exception. Blocks are great for practicing those fine motor skills and promoting creativity!

Personalized Name Puzzle

These are awesome to start introducing your child’s name! The chunky wood style is really durable, and the bright colors are awesome for little ones.

Little Tikes Gas ‘n Go Mower

This toy is a little bit on the noisy side, but it is a great buy. We bought this same mower for our son’s first birthday party. He is now 6 years old, and we still have this toy! My 2 year old little girl plays with this mower all the time. So, this one gets extra points for being durable, no batteries, and lasting 5+ years!!

B. Bristle Block Spinaroos

These are a little bit of a different take on blocks. They are super cute and colorful, and come with this storage tote! (Points for helping everything stay organized!)

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Play Set

Most toddlers like to exactly what Mommy and Daddy are doing. Mine loves to take out our broom and “sweep” the floors! This pretend play set would be perfect for her. As for quality, Melissa & Doug toys are very durable! (This one is going on our toddler’s Christmas list for sure!)


Children love playing in tents and teepees. My sister has one of these for her kids, and my kids think it is the coolest thing ever!

Melissa and Doug Pretend Stovetop Set

My daughter loves to pretend cook! This is another great playset for pretend play!

Unicorn Tails Book

I always make it a point to buy at least one new book for all of my children at Christmas time! This one is perfect for little ones with all the different textures.

Under the Sea Puppets

These super cute finger puppets come with a foldable tote bag that makes it easy to take on the go! The inside of the bag has a really cute underwater design and can be used as a playmat for the puppet! Very similar to a Toddler Busy Bag.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Cube Puzzle

This is a good age to start introducing puzzles. This wooden cube puzzle is 6 puzzles in 1!

Doorbell House

This wooden house has little locking doors that each have different doorbell sounds!

Little Tikes Giraffe Ride-on

For the little ones who aren’t quite ready to pedal a bike!

Horse Hopper

What toddler wouldn’t love bouncing around on this horse?! I know mine would have a blast!

Skip-Hop Hedgehog Accordion

This is a super cute little bright-colored musical instrument for toddlers!

Fisher Price Little People Farm

My toddler has this farm play set, and she loves it! It makes animal noises when you open the gates inside the barn!

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