painting-activitiesPainting seems to be our go to art activity. We bring out the paint at least once a week.

Only problem is, we are running out of light pink and dark pink because those are the only colors Sicily requests. And yes, she specifies light and dark! To her it’s a big deal which one she uses.

Today I wanted to share 10 ways we use paint in our Tot School.

1. Just Paint!

Okay, this one is a no-brainer. Many times I’ll just lay out paint and a paintbrush to see what she does. I’ll switch up the type of brush from a thin one, thick one, or a roller brush. Usually she ends up using her fingers anyway.

2. Vertical Painting

We love to hang up a piece of easel paper on the lattice outside and paint. Again, I will give Sicily a brush, but she usually ends up using her hands. The first time we did vertical painting, she ended up painting her whole body.


3. Paint a Mirror

Out of all of the painting experiences we have had, I think painting a mirror was Sicily’s favorite. She spent over an hour painting the mirror and playing peek a boo with herself around the paint.


4. Ice Painting

Ice Painting is great painting experience for the summer. Just add food coloring and a popsicle stick to some ice.


5. Painting to Music

One way to add another sensory element to painting is to paint to music. Increase listening skills by paying attention to the music and paint fast/slow as the music changes tempo.


6. Baby Finger Painting

Let’s not forget about the baby. Mix together a little rice cereal, water, and food color. Let baby explore in their own baby finger paint. Or for a mess free version, add some paint and paper to a zipper baggie.


7. Painting with Objects

I love how painting can be adjusted to any theme we choose to do. We’ve painted by making animal footprints for our zoo theme. Easter eggs make perfect circles for an Easter and circle painting experience. And yarn makes amazing snakes.


8. Finger Paint

Add sensory into your painting experiences with finger paint. Yes, it’s messy, but it’s such a good exploration for little ones. Sicily loved listening to the squishing sound.


9. Shake, Shake Shake!

Add marbles, jingle bells, or acorns in a container with a lid. Let your little one shake. We like to turn on music and dance while we shake our painting. Not to mention, this painting activity adds in some gross motor skills. Perfect for those rainy days where you can’t get outside.

10. Water Color Painting

Sicily isn’t a big fan of water color yet. I think it’s because she can’t get her hands in it to explore. We’ve tried it a few times. But her interest grows with each time we try.

Painting is a wonderful experience, and the perfect activity to introduce different sensory experiences.

Happy Creating!