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When I was little I use to love snow days. My best friend lived a few houses down, so we would hike through the snow to each others houses to sled. Snow days were great, at least until we started having 2 or 3 in a row. Then they became boring.

Snow days can be hard for kids…and parents. They become annoyed of each other and tensions get high as everyone is snowed in together. That’s why I came up with a list of 10 things to do on a snow day.

I believe snow days are the BEST possible occasion to spend time with your family. You are all snowed in together, so why not make the most it. Plan activities that will keep the kids busy and you sane.

1. Snowball Fight

This one might seem obvious, but I bet the majority of these snowball fights are kids only! Go out and have a snowball fight with them. Parents vs. kids! The idea is for you to have fun and be a kid again. That’s what snow days are all about.

2. DIY Project

You know those DIY pins that you pinned on Pinterest 5 years ago. Now is the best time to start working on them. Scroll through those pins and pick one that you can do as a family. Turn it into a contest to see who can make it the best.

3. Family Board Games

Have a family game day. Pull out all those old board games sitting in the back of your closet and just play. My husband and I like to play Yatzee. When I was little my favorite game was LIFE. My family got so tired of playing that game that they bought me a computer version so that I could play the game against the computer and not annoy them.

4. Obstacle Course

This was one of my favorite things to do as a kid, but my mom wouldn’t let me set it up. So my babysitter use to create obstacle courses for us when she wasn’t around. All you need is chairs, pillows, the couch, string, and anything else you can find. Spread them throughout the house and go for it. Who can go through it the fastest?

Better yet, create a snow obstacle course. Put your kids to work shoveling the driveway. Just don’t tell them that they are working…shhh! Take the snow from the driveway and create obstacles for each other.

5. Charades/ Hangman/ Tic-Tac-Toe

Who doesn’t love a good game of Charades? It gets your kids thinking too! Hangman is great for practicing those spelling words, but again shhhh…don’t tell them they are learning. If you don’t tell, they won’t know!

6. Drop Everything and Read

I loved to read as a kid. My daughter loves books already and she is only 1. I plan to have DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time in my house every day, especially when she gets older. Every family member just drops what they are doing and reads…something! It can be a magazine, comic, book, newspaper. As long as they are reading. Make it a game. Tell them in the morning to have something ready to read throughout the day. When everyone is busy shout DEAR and everyone must stop and read for 15-20 minutes. EVERYONE…that means you too! If you make it fun and surprising it will get the kids willing to read. They will love not knowing when it will happen.

7. Bake

Yummy! Another favorite of mine! Pull out those old cook books and bake some yummy treats! Don’t forget to eat them all too! Trust me you can eat a few extra calories on a snow day from all the shoveling and sled riding you’re doing.

8. Build a Snowman

This is a tried and true snow day activity, but lets mix it up a bit and make it a tad bit educational. Shhhh….no one has to know! Get everyone involved and make it a competition. Start with the designing process. Grab some paper and pencils and draw out your snowmen. Don’t share designs! Go around the house and collect clothes and accessories. Then the best part…go build! Once everyone is done building, take a picture of each snowman and write a funny story about him. Share your stories to see who has the funniest snowman.

If you attach the picture to the story, these would be great to frame and hang up around the house to remember your snow day.

9. Camp Out

In the living room that is! Pull out the sleeping bags, make some popcorn, pop in a movie, and enjoy!

10. Snow Ice Cream

I use to love having homemade ice cream made from snow. My grandfather had an ice cream maker and would use the snow as ice, but nowadays if you search snow ice cream on Pinterest you will get a ton of easy and fun ways to make ice cream from the snow.

There is it! A list of 10 family fun snow day activities to keep the kids busy, minds working, and parents sane! Enjoy!

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